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How It All Began

Like many businesses, Mountain Country Soap™ was started in the kitchen based on ideas, determination, and an intense desire to master an enjoyable craft.  The owner, Dianne Reardon, had been studying, growing, and working with herbs and essential oils in dried arrangements, potpourris, teas, and foods for about twelve years.  Although she enjoyed this hobby, she began searching for a more creative and unique way of incorporating her knowledge.  In 1993 her search was over.  Dianne became very sensitive to many things surrounding her in daily life, including most bath and body products, and was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

Dianne then began researching and developing natural bath and body formulas for her own personal use.  Her kitchen became a science lab and production area for soaps, creams, and other natural products.  Not only had Dianne found a challenging craft that she loved, but she also began noticing that the more she worked with essential oils, the better she began to feel and she was no longer getting colds and flus that she had become so susceptible to. This was truly a test of the therapeutic benefits she had studied over the years and an important discovery since she had also become very sensitive to medications.

Once the formulas were developed and tested, she began sharing her bath and body products with family and friends who in turn shared them with their family and friends. People began telling Dianne that her products were clearing up their eczema and acne, they no longer needed to use prescription creams on their skin, that their skin had never felt so good, asked her to start packaging her products for sale and..... Mountain Country Soap™ was born.

Mountain Country Soap™ has grown over the years and continues to grow with the ongoing research and development of new formulas and increased production.  Our products are never tested on animals; only friends, family, and customers happy to try a new scent or product. Our customers have truly been an inspiration in the development and continued success of our business.  Customer satisfaction has earned us a 5 Star Rating as a Top Service company with Yahoo Shopping and Amazon based on the quality of our products and customer service.

What started out as a hobby and necessity has become a viable business.  Mountain Country Soap™ products are now available at our retail store in Newport, Vermont, and may be ordered through our on line shopping through this site, at Amazon, and by calling our toll free order line. 

  Our goal is to provide our customers with skin friendly products made from high quality ingredients to calm your mind, soothe your body, and rekindle your spirit. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them for you.